DRAWWORKS:  Cabot 900 series trailer unit with Model 2346 single drum 900 HP torque converter drive hoist powered by two 3406C TA Caterpillar engines (425 HP each).

PUMPS:  Three Gardner Denver PZ-9 (1,000 HP), each Tri-plex powered by three separate Caterpillar 3508 diesel engines (900 HP each). Two available for parallel operation with one as standby.

MAST:  Cabot Model 112-350 mast with 97' 7" clear height with 15' floor. Hook capacity (10 lines) 365,000 lbs. Racking capacity 12,800' 4" O.D. drill pipe.

SUBSTRUCTURE:  Cross type, single piece, telescoping, maximum floor height 15'; bottom of rotary beam 12' 3"; overall dimensions of 40' length 12' width. Rotary capacity 350,000 lbs. Set back capacity 200,000 lbs with total simultaneous capacity of 550,000 lbs.

DRILL COLLARS:  Twenty 6 1/4" x 2 13/16" drill collars with 4 1/2" XH connections.

BLOW OUT PREVENTERS:  One 11" 3,000 lb.  Annular BOP; hydraulically controlled by Koomey 60 gallon accumulator and control unit.  One Cameron 11" 5,000 lb.  type "U", dougle gate furnished with 4" DP rams and blank rams.   One 5,000 LB choke manifold.

MUD TANKS:  One 500 barrel capacity modular-type mud system with 75 BBL slugging, pill mix compartment.  One 6" cone desander.  One Brandt 16 cone mud cleaner, agitators, and mixing equipment.  One Ruff double-deck, high speed shale shaker.

MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT:  Separate Toolpusher and Rig Crew living quarters.  Air compressor/accumulator skid. Generator house with two
CAT 3406 GEN sets (3250 KW each).  100 barrel drill water tank.  Fuel tank and other miscellaneous equipment necessary to comprise a drilling rig to drill to 12,000 feet with 4" drill pipe.